Wynnewood man killed in car crash in Indiana

Most drivers in Philadelphia pride themselves on their driving skills. Those skills will often include extra attention paid to safe driving practices that help them to avoid being put in potentially dangerous situations on the road. While such safe driving practices are encouraged, one of the harsh realities of the road is that no one can prepare for the negligence of another. Often, it only takes a momentary lapse in judgment by one driver to alter (or, in some cases, even end) the life of another.

Sadly, this was the result for a Wynnewood man involved in a car accident in Indiana. Officials are currently looking into whether or not drugs or alcohol may have been a factor in the crash that cost him his life and landed the three other passengers in his minivan in the hospital, with one being listed in very critical condition. Local law enforcement officials believe that the man’s minivan was heading south on a state highway when a truck coming from the north crossed into the southbound lane and collided with the minivan. The truck driver and the two children traveling with him were also taken to local hospitals for treatment.

When people are killed in such accidents, the emotional void that they leave behind is often accompanied by a financial one. Those who relied on accident victims for support may now face an uncertain future. Often, they only way to secure that future is to press for compensation from those whose negligence contributed to the accidents that took their loved ones. Such compensation may be much easier to earn with the assistance of an attorney.

Source: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette “Pa. man identified as victim of fatal North Webster crash” July 21, 2014

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