Woman Sues Hospital for Father’s Medicine-Related Wrongful Death

Are your parents getting older and in need of more medical attention? This is a reality that just about every family faces. It’s hard enough sometimes to turn a parent’s or another loved one’s care over to a nursing home when we expect that medical professionals are responsibly doing their jobs.

But what about if hospitals are recklessly doing their jobs? What if medical negligence leads to the death of a nursing home resident? The job of a nursing home is to care for the health and safety of the patients who live there, right? That doesn’t always happen, as one particular woman’s wrongful death lawsuit demonstrates.

According to sources, one California nursing home-related wrongful death case is not all that there is to worry about. Rather, the case merely shows the deadly consequences of a shocking reality that a recent government report reveals.

The government study finds that many nursing homes throughout the country are giving antipsychotic medications to patients who shouldn’t be taking such drugs. Specifically, medical professionals are giving the medication to dementia patients, even though the FDA has connected dementia patients’ use of the drugs with increased risk of sudden death.

It only took four weeks for the above-mentioned woman’s father to die while in the care of a nursing home. She claims that it was a result of her father unnecessarily being given antipsychotic drugs. She reportedly noticed a marked, severe change in her father’s health after placing him in the home and wishes that she had asked more questions of the facility.

She has sued the hospital for its negligence and settled for an undisclosed amount in damages. Her loss can serve as encouragement to be assertive regarding your loved one’s care. If you have any doubts, worries or concerns, make them known. Ask questions. Demand answers. It could save a life.


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