Woman claims her allegations of nursing home abuse went unheeded

When people in Philadelphia leave their loved ones in the care of a nursing home or skilled nursing facility, it’s typically done with the understanding that the facility staff will treat those loved ones with the same level of care and concern that they would receive at home. The residents staying at such facilities are usually elderly and/or infirm, and without the physical capabilities to protect themselves from abuse. Such limitations make it easy for uncaring nursing home employees to physically and/or emotionally abuse them. If and when such abuse is suspected, some families find resolving the issue through a facility’s administrators to be difficult.

Such is the claim being made by an Oklahoma woman who claims that her husband suffered such abuse while recovering from an illness in a local nursing home. She states the she reported her suspicions to the home’s director after she noticed bruises on her husband. Yet instead of looking into the man’s claims that a staff nurse had punched him, the director simply made excuses. Then, when she chose to check him out of the facility, she was told by the director that he wouldn’t release her husband’s medication to her.

There are oversight agencies that look into claims of such nursing home abuse. Yet any investigation or subsequent penalties handed down to facility cannot compensate from the humiliation and degradation suffered by those who were allegedly abused. That may only be overcome through compensation earned from a lawsuit filed against an offending facility. Arguing such a claim in court may prove difficult for those without experience in legal proceedings. Thus, those wanting to initiate such action against a negligent nursing home may wish to work with an attorney.

Source: kfor.com “Oklahoma family claims loved one was abused inside nursing home” Chellie Mills, July 09, 2014

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