Woman Charged With Intentionally Causing Head-on Collision

Automobiles are powerful machines capable of causing serious injuries and even death. This is why it is so important for drivers in Philadelphia to realize the responsibility that comes with operating a vehicle, take it seriously and never attempt reckless behavior, such as intentionally causing a head-on collision.

A driver who intentionally drove her car into oncoming traffic on October 27, 2010 was sentenced recently to 5,000 hours of community service and 20 years probation. The woman was 17 at the time and says she did it because she was trying to kill herself. Prosecutors argued that she used her car like a weapon and in the process ended up injuring three people.

The car the teenager crashed into was being driven by a man whose parents were passengers in the car. He said he could not avoid the head-on collision that ended with his parents being pinned inside the vehicle. His mother was the one who suffered the most serious injuries. Her right side was crushed, requiring several surgeries and hospitalizations over the years. She also experienced a decrease in her kidney function in a kidney that her husband had donated to her years before as a result of her kidney disease.

Although the woman who caused this car crash has been tried in a criminal court, the family members who were the victims of her irresponsibility may wish to take their case to a civil case. In order to do this, they may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney who can advise them on their right to compensation for their pain and suffering and medical expenses.

Source: Montgomery Media, “Suicidal teen driver who intentionally drove into oncoming traffic, causing crash, avoids jail,” Carl Hessler Jr., Apr. 12, 2014

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