Woman awarded damages after cancer misdiagnosis

We turn to Pennsylvania doctors in our most vulnerable hours, trusting them to diagnose our problems and find ways to treat them accordingly. Just as any human being, however, doctors sometimes make mistakes. Some mistakes are minor and really don’t affect us. Other mistakes are life-altering and can result in worsened conditions, permanent disabilities or possibly even wrongful death.

A Houston woman was recently awarded $367,500 in a medical malpractice suit for both physical and emotional pain and suffering. Her doctor’s mistake: misreading lab results. While this might seem like a minor error, it significantly impacted her life. At just 54 years old, the woman thought she was going to die; she bequeathed many of her personal possessions and prepared for the worst. She was told that she had Stage IV terminal breast cancer and endured seven months of debilitating chemotherapy. Because of the diagnosis, the woman was depressed and suffered from anxiety. She decided to seek treatment for these conditions. In doing so, doctors did some tests and found the results curious. They suspected that she never had cancer. A doctor at a specialized cancer center concurred. The woman never had breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy unnecessarily.

Those who think that they may have been misdiagnosed or have suffered because of other doctor errors may want to seek the opinions of both another medical professional as well as a legal professional. They may be entitled to compensation for their own pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages or other damages.

Source: Khou.com, “Cancer-free woman undergoes chemotherapy after false diagnosis,” Drew Karedes, July 16, 2013

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