What Happens When You Don’t Know Why Your Car Goes Out of Control?

Attorney Nancy Winkler represented a man whose vehicle hydroplaned on a roadway. It caused a serious accident which resulted in him losing his leg. He was an experienced pilot and driver, so an investigation was done to find out the cause of the accident. Through the work of experts, such as an engineer, a tire expert, and an accident reconstructionist, the reason for the accident was found. Find out how employing the help of an attorney can resolve questions you might have when it comes to accidents such as when a car hydroplanes on the roadway.

Video Transcription:

I represented a gentleman who came to me after having a severe accident on a roadway, where his vehicle that he was driving fishtailed. It was raining out, his vehicle hydroplaned, it fishtailed, it hit a bank of trees and then went back onto the roadway. One of the the doors opened and he was ejected from the vehicle and then run over by another vehicle that was driving on the highway. He didn’t know why he hydroplaned because this was an experienced pilot. He had driven cars for years, he had obviously piloted planes, and was very experienced. What we learned through our investigation with employing experts such as an engineer, a tire expert, and an accident reconstruction expert was that when this vehicle was maintained he had two tires replaced. Only two tires needed to be replaced but when they replaced the two tires they put the newest ones on the front instead of on the rear. When only two tires are replaced on a vehicle, almost all times the newest tires need to be placed on the back and that prevents a fishtail situation, such as what happened to him where he was going through a curve in the road and there were wet roads. Unfortunately this man lost his leg as a result of this and could no longer work as a pilot, and he could, you know obviously, had quite a lot of difficulties in his life. Thankfully we were able to resolve the case for him so that he can have prosthetic devices in the the remodeling of his home, and his vehicle so that he can try and be as functional as possible. For more information about myself and our law firm please go to ERLegal.com.

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