What Can Parents Do to Keep Kids Safe from Defective Products?

As a parent, you want to take steps to keep kids safe from defective products and the injuries they can cause. However, in many cases, you cannot tell as a consumer whether an item is dangerous or defective. Therefore, it may be impossible to protect against all personal injuries caused by defects. Nevertheless, you may be able to file a lawsuit to hold the manufacturer accountable when their product harms a child. In this video, attorney Rita Asseto Sherry explains how an attorney can give you perspective in product defect cases.

Video Transcription

Zofran is a drug that has been known to injure children. It’s administered off-label during pregnancy to address morning sickness and it has been associated with septal defects in the heart as well as palate issues like cleft palates and things like that. And that can be very difficult to deal with as a mother. You know you’re trying to do the best thing to take care of yourself as well as your developing baby and then to find that this drug can cause these problems, it comes with a little bit of guilt and concern for your child’s well-being. So, it’s important to talk to a lawyer because we can put in the perspective of there was no way you could have known. You know, we see these internal documents, we see all the studies that aren’t out there available to the general public and we can talk you through exactly what happened and fill in all the holes and answer questions that on your own might not have answers to. We work on a contingency fee basis so it never cost you anything to call and talk to me about what you’re going through. For more information go to www.ERLegal.com.

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