What Can I Expect in an Initial Consultation with an Attorney?

The attorneys at Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C. always offer free initial consultations so that you can learn your legal rights, free of charge and with no obligation to proceed. In this video, attorney Fredric Eisenberg explains what you can expect in an initial consultation with an attorney. You can expect to be heard and, in turn, to hear legal advice that pertains to your unique personal injury claim.

Video Transcription

What I would say to a client is call us, talk to us on the phone, come into our office, set up an appointment. At a minimum we’ll listen to you. We will tell you whether or not we think you have a case that warrants our involvement. We’re here to meet with you. I think what a client can expect when they come into my office is they will meet with me, they will meet with my team, and they will get not only an entire team that they can call, but they’ll get my cell number and I will pick it up, I will talk to them and they can rest assured that they’ve got an attorney that’s on the job. I think it’s very important as a trial lawyer and as a lawyer representing people who are catastrophically injured to understand that each life is a story, it had a story before they got to our office and that story has been derailed. I will listen to the story and then be able to tell that story to a jury. For more information or to speak to an attorney go www.ERLegal.com.

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