Will It Cost More If My Case Goes to Trial?

When you file a personal injury lawsuit or any other type of claim, you should always look for a lawyer with trial experience. Although the vast majority of cases settle before going to court, having a trial lawyer on your side makes it more likely that the other side will offer you a fair settlement. In this video, attorney Fredric Eisenberg explains why, if your case goes to trial, you may actually stand to recover more than if you settle, in certain circumstances.

Video Transcription:

It’s very important that, when you are seeking an attorney, you look to see what their trial experience is and the reason that’s important is the defendants in the case really don’t respect lawyers that haven’t been to trial. When they hear the firm Eisenberg Rothweiler, they know that we’re trial lawyers and we’re not scared to spend the money and take a case into the courtroom to let a jury decide it. Taking a case to trial adds tremendous value to the case whether or not you go to verdict, picking a jury adds tremendous value, opening statements add tremendous value, what it does is increase the pressure on the defendants to settle a case for what a case deserves to be settled for. It costs no more to hire a law firm like Eisenberg Rothweiler, an attorney like me, than it does to hire an inexperienced attorney who has never been in a courtroom. So, one of the things we offer clients is not only our experience, but we offer them our trial skills, we offer them the team of people they get when they come to our law firm, and they really get from me someone who listens. For more information or to speak to an attorney go to www.ERLegal.com.