Why Should I Hire an Attorney with Experience as a Defense Lawyer?

A personal injury attorney who started off as a defense lawyer for insurance companies has greater insight into the strategies and process that the other side may use against you. In this video, attorney Todd Schoenhaus, a former insurance defense attorney, explains why you may want to hire an attorney with experience as a defense lawyer.

Video Transcription:

From this side of the aisle, I find it’s more rewarding because I’m making a real difference in people’s lives who have been impacted by incidents where they’ve been injured and need medical attention for the rest of their lives, or can’t work, or, in the case of somebody who died, the family member is grieving, suffered a real loss. So, being a plaintiff lawyer, I’m dealing with similar subject matter as to what I did is a defense lawyer, but I find it more rewarding and I find that I’m that better plaintiff lawyer because I have that background and keen insight into the mind of a defense lawyer, which was something I did for 15 years. I think because I was a defense lawyer for 15 years, I can anticipate the defenses that we will see in a case and prepare for them. I understand, I think, better strengths and weaknesses of the claims with an edge in the case and what will and won’t work in front of a jury. And it also helps when it comes to negotiating settlements and case values and I think I have more credibility with my adversary having been one of them. For all that time for more information go to www.ERLegal.com.