Why Our Personal Injury Law Firm Works Together on Every Case We Handle

In this video, firm partners Nancy Winkler, Stewart Eisenberg and Fred Eisensberg discuss why the attorneys and staff at our catastrophic personal injury law firm work together on every case and how it benefits our clients.

Video Transcription:

When someone’s been affected by a catastrophic injury, they need a team of people who are passionate about what they do and willing to fight for them. We’ve built a practice that is respected, that is highly regarded and that is looked to by attorneys as a go-to law firm when they have a complex, complicated, difficult case. We respond to clients immediately. We take care of their needs immediately. We don’t pawn the work off to associates. We, meaning the partners, are involved in each and every case in our office. And we make sure that we can dedicate the resources that are necessary to that particular client to be able to maximize the recovery for the client. And make the clients also feel as comfortable as possible.