Who is at Fault for a Van Accident with a Car?

Our law firm has represented a number of people injured in a van accident with a car. Who is at fault for such an accident would depend on many factors, and driving a van is not quite the same as driving a regular passenger car. Therefore, van drivers must be trained and have experience driving the larger vehicle, as a great number of adults and/or children are in their hands. The vans themselves are also susceptible to defective design, as its center of gravity will be higher than a typical passenger car, making it prone to rollover accidents. In this video, car accident lawyer Fred Eisenberg describes common causes of van accidents with cars.

Video Transcription:

I’ve been involved in many van accident cases, which leave our clients either dead or catastrophically injured, like paralysis. Van accidents can occur for a number of reasons. The companies responsible in van accidents might simply be the van driver. Was he trained properly (he or she) to drive the van? It also can be that the airbags didn’t deploy, so you may be suing the airbag companies. Or, that it may just be a dangerous van itself so that they have a high center of gravity and a narrow wheelbase, so they are more susceptible to turnover. Van accidents, when they occur, are typically taking kids on long trips who have no idea they are in a dangerous van and all they do is simply buckle up. For more information or to speak to an attorney, go to ERLegal.com.