What is Nursing Home Malpractice?

Nursing home doctors, nurses and staff members have a duty to residents to keep them safe and healthy. When a staff member or medical professional fails in this duty, an injury to a patient as a result may be medical malpractice and/or abuse. Nursing home residents are often unable to speak up for themselves and rely on others to alert the proper authorities when something is wrong. In this video, nursing home abuse and neglect attorney Daniel Jeck explains some of the cases he and his law firm have handled in these situations. Bedsores are a clear symptom of abuse and neglect, and bedsores can be deadly to elderly residents.

Video Transcription:

One of the cases that we handle here at our firm are nursing home malpractice cases. These are cases usually involving elderly clients that have been in nursing homes for some period of time that have lack of mobility. One of the issues that confront patients that have mobility problems are the development of bed sores or what’s called decubitus ulcers. And if you receive appropriate care and nursing homes where you’re turned properly, you are monitored properly, supervised properly, then you should never really develop a bedsore. Even if you can’t get out of bed.

And unfortunately, many nursing homes don’t follow the protocols and policies for turning patients, for observing patients, for the development of sores and bedsores can develop and get out of hand and cause lots of problems. I handled a case last year involving an elderly woman who developed stage four bed sore, which was about the size of my fist. Horrible, horrible bedsore became horribly infected and if it doesn’t get addressed in a timely fashion, patients can develop sepsis, systemic sepsis, get an overwhelming infection and die. And unfortunately, this patient died. So, we handle the case for her estate, we brought a wrongful death case for her family on her behalf and held the nursing home accountable for what happened. For more information about our firm, go to the ERLegal.com and check out our website.