What is an Example of Product Liability for Medications?

Product liability for medications that cause injury is also known as pharmaceutical litigation when the manufacturer produces a defective drug. It also may include pharmacy malpractice litigation where the drug companies fail to sufficiently warn patients of risks of taking the medication. In this video, drug injury lawyer Daniel Jeck discusses a successful case he brought when a pharmaceutical company failed to properly inform women that a certain hormone should only be taken for a very limited time period.

Video Transcription:

Our office handles product liability cases against pharmacy companies, which some people call pharmaceutical litigation, where, when a drug is made that’s defective, that causes injury. We pursue losses against the drug manufacturers. Another type of pharmaceutical litigation, or pharmacy malpractice litigation, is for the failure to give an appropriate warning for a drug. So, we handle cases against manufacturers of female hormones that were seen to cause breast cancer or increase the risk of breast cancer for certain women who have been taking that type of hormone for a certain period of time. At the time we brought the lawsuit, a new warning had just come out telling women, “Look, you can only be on this medication, this hormone medication, for a certain period of time, and beyond that, you’re increasing your chance of breast cancer.” We brought a lawsuit for many women that had been taking that drug for years without that warning having been present, arguing that that warning should have been present based upon what the companies knew at the time that they made the drugs. Because they did not give appropriate warnings, that is equivalent of the drug being defective and, because there was a relationship between taking that medication for a long period of time and the development, unfortunately, of breast cancer for certain women, we were able to pursue those cases for them. For more information about our firm go to ErLegal.com and check out our website.