What Do You Do After a Truck Accident?

You should hopefully never have to wonder what do you do after a truck accident. However, if such a wreck occurs, it is important to know this: After a truck accident, injured people in passenger vehicles should never speak to anyone from the trucking company, its investigators or its insurance company. In the aftermath of a truck wreck, injured parties are in no position to effectively stand up for their rights or negotiate a full and fair settlement agreement. In this video, truck accident lawyer Kenneth Rothweiler explains what happens immediately following a semi truck wreck.

Video Transcription:

When someone’s in a trucking accident, the first thing they should not do is talk to any investigators. And the reason I say that, is investigators are always trying to get information that will help them, that is their client, that is the trucking company, in litigation. So, they should never ever, ever talk to anybody before seeing a lawyer and then the only time they’ll get to answer any questions by the trucking company, is in a deposition, when someone like myself will be sitting right next to them, advising them through the deposition. So I think, you know, the old adage is keep your mouth shut, don’t say anything until you talk to a lawyer, that’s actually good advice, along all the spectrums in the legal world. It’s important to talk to a lawyer quickly after an accident because memories fade and that’s what happened in the normal course of litigation here in Philadelphia is about two years from the time you file the lawsuit until the time you’re in a courtroom, it’s two years, and memories do fade. My clients memories fade, family members memories fade, and also the defendants, you know we need to get a case into suit right away because their memories fade, sometimes on purpose and sometimes just because memories fade. So you need to acquire all the facts as quickly as possible, so that you know exactly what went on, so that you can successfully prosecute the case. For more information go to ERLegal.com.