What is an SUV Rollover Accident?

What is an SUV rollover accident? When sport utility vehicles first hit he market, their centers of gravity were designed to be too high. Although the problem has gotten somewhat better over the years as a result of lawsuits forcing SUV manufacturers to revisit their designs, rollover accidents continue to be a problem. In this video, car accident attorney Stewart Eisenberg explains what is an SUV rollover accident, the problems with sport utility vehicles and how they can cause single car accidents if a motorist must react to an unexpected hazard in a road.

Video Transcription:

SUVs came out in the 1990s, and there were there were a number of problems with the SUV’s that caused them to roll over. And they were, an SUV is a sport utility vehicle and it stands or it sits very high up, so that if an SUV is too high off the ground and too narrow, it has a tendency to roll over. If you’re going down the highway and you’re trying to avoid something in the highway like another car or a deer or something that is in your path, you can maneuver your car and a normal car would have no issue about rolling over, because an SUV is so high up off the ground, it tips over very easily and they’re very dangerous cars. Over the years, the cars have become less of an issue for rolling over, but they still have an issue rolling over and those are dangerous cars. And we have had lots of instances where people have been catastrophically injured and killed because their SUVs have rolled over. For more information go to ERLegal.com.