Should I Settle a Personal Injury Case or Go to Trial?

It is always the client’s decision whether to settle a personal injury case or go to trial, but an experienced litigator will be able to offer a legal opinion as to the fairness of the offer. At our law firm, our attorneys know what is a full and fair settlement offer, and when they believe a jury would provide a better recovery. In this video, personal injury lawyer Fred Eisenberg explains a situation where, although there were settlement offers made before the trial date, he and his law partner decided to go forward to have a jury assess the damages. Watch this video to see the result of going to trial instead of simply accepting a lower settlement offer.

Video Transcription:

What a trial lawyer means really, from my perspective, is going to trial, trying cases. I tried a case very recently with one of my partners, Ken Rothweiler, where a woman was at a stop sign right outside of Philadelphia in New Jersey and she was sitting at the stop sign and a dump truck rolled around her, tipped over, the sand came down on her car and suffocated her to death. That’s a very simple liability case. She was killed and it wasn’t her fault. She was a mother of two autistic children. We tried the case. Why? There were offers pretrial, but we felt very strongly that we could do better at trial. We took the case to trial and we got a 10 million dollar verdict. That family will not have to worry about money anymore. They can’t bring back their mother and their wife, but what we provided with them was a sense of economic security. For more information or to speak to an attorney go to