What Do I Do After a Serious Car Accident?

When someone is killed in a fatal accident or is left with a brain injury or spinal cord injury, regular insurance is usually not enough. Our attorneys investigate every aspect of the case, including whether a car defect or auto part caused or contributed to the accident. We have had a great deal of success holding the car manufacturers accountable when defective auto parts cause serious personal injury to our clients. If you have been in a serious car accident, or your loved one died in a fatal accident, you need to uncover the truth about what exactly happened and why.

Video Transcription:

When someone’s involved in a car accident and there’s a catastrophic injury, someone is killed or paralyzed, they need to look at all aspects of the accident, because generally the drivers of those automobiles will have very little insurance to cover the damages that are suffered, the injuries that are suffered, the losses that are suffered. You need to look at any aspect involved in the car, so that if you call the right lawyer, if you call us, we will look in and see immediately if there’s a problem with this car. We have resources, so that we go to Carfax, and we can go to the websites for the recalls, and we can go and see if there’s a problem with this car, and we can look at the car immediately, whether it’s through photographs that the police take or whether it’s through the police report, or actually going out to the scene and going looking at the car, because I go look at cars myself and see what’s going on, where the crush is, what the airbag did, what the seatbelts did, whether there’s a problem with the tires. People just don’t know what is wrong with their car and we can help them find out. For more information go to ERLegal.com.