Does Seatbelt Failure Occur with Child Car Seats or Booster Seats?

At our law firm, we have represented a number of children and their parents after a child was injured due to a defective car seat or seatbelt. Additionally, numerous child car seats have been recalled over the past few years for manufacturing and design defects that put children’s lives at risk in the event of a car accident. In this video, car defect attorney Stewart Eisenberg explains what can happen when a seatbelt is not designed to properly accommodate child seats or booster seats.

Video Transcription:

We represented children a lot in car crashes when their seatbelts or car seats don’t work. And car seats are a very big issue, obviously for children whether you’re talking about a rear-facing car seat, or you’re talking about a regular front facing car seat, whether you’re talking about a booster or whether you’re talking about a regular seatbelt for a child, and a lot of times the seatbelt doesn’t work for children. The car seat doesn’t work and allows them to be thrown around and ejected from a car when this shouldn’t happen. Seatbelts are supposed to be designed for children primarily in the backseat but also in the front seat if they’re old enough to go into the front seat, but you need to make sure that your seatbelt is working properly. And we make sure that the car manufacturers design their seatbelts so that they accommodate children as well as adults, and that doesn’t always happen. For more information go to