How Personal Injury Settlements Help People Rebuild Their Lives

In this video, Stewart Eisenberg, Ken Rothweiler and Daniel Jeck explain how personal injury settlements benefit clients and their families. They discuss the fact that the value of catastrophic injury and wrongful death settlements is less about financial compensation and more about providing victims and their families with a way to rebuild their lives and move forward.

Video Transcription:

It’s important to be aggressive. It’s important to be strong. It’s important to be persuasive and successful for your clients. We like to try and build people up with what we do. More than just obtain money for them or obtain settlement for them. We go further to make sure that they have a life that they can have. A happy life. When the public sees a large verdict, they don’t see the impact it has on the person who is affected the most. And that’s the seriously disabled person who is in a wheel chair, or is brain damaged, or a family who has lost a loved one. I’m going to be there to counsel you and help you get through the problems you’re going to have throughout this litigation. And when the litigation ends, you’re a client for life. You can always call me. It’s a tremendous responsibility to work with people who have had catastrophic injuries.