When is Nursing Home Abuse Medical Malpractice?

When a loved one is injured, develops bedsores or passes away under suspicious circumstances in a nursing home, medical negligence may have been the cause. Our attorneys investigate cases where medical professionals or nurses may have failed to properly protect and treat your loved one. In this video, attorney Dan Jeck explains a few of the potential causes of medical negligence in nursing homes.

Video Transcription:

The types of things we look for in nursing home cases are the failure to address the situation that gets worse over time. So nurses are responsible for the patient in a nursing home, there are records that we look at, there are charts that we take a look at, and if a patient is supposed to be turned every four hours or every six hours and it’s not happening, it’s not mentioned in the records, that’s something that we look for. Or if a patient is supposed to have a pressure bed and it’s not brought into the nursing home, that’s something that we look for. And what we do with these types of cases and any type of medical case or nursing home malpractice case is we talk to experts. We have a stable of experts that we refer to in nursing home cases, they would be infectious disease experts or internal medicine experts, wound care experts that understand what the standard of care is, what type of care should be afforded to people in nursing homes. They look at the records with us and they determine whether or not the standard of care has been met or has been breached. If the standard of care has been breached and that is something that has caused injury or harm to our client, then we pursue the case for them. For more information about our firm go to ERLegal.com and check out our website.