Meet Philadelphia Litigator Ken Rothweiler

Philadelphia litigator Ken Rothweiler is a trial lawyer who is not afraid to take his clients’ cases to court. In this video, he explains his vast experience in civil litigation, and how he gets to know his clients closely so that he can effectively explain their situations to a judge and jury. You may know Ken from appearing as a legal analyst on television, but he treats every client as if he or she is a member of his own family. He takes cases personally, and he will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure his clients obtain the justice and recovery they deserve.

Video Transcription:

If you ask most trial lawyers when was the last time they tried a case, they’ll tell you a couple years ago. My last trial was three weeks ago. My next trial is three weeks from now. I’m a trial lawyer. I go into a courtroom. I fight for people. What you have to get across to a jury is making a jury understand what it’s like to live in their shoes, getting up every day and struggling every day, not having the money to pay their bills every day. In order for me to explain it to a jury so a jury can get it, so a jury knows they need compensation, I have to experience it. It can’t just be that they come to my office and tell me what their injury is. I have to go out to their house and I have to see it. If I didn’t just hear it from the clients but I can talk about it from my own personal observation, it’s much more real to a jury. The stories that we hear, they bring tears to your eyes all the time and I actually want them to bring tears to my eyes because, if I stopped being emotional about the stories, then I would stop caring I think and I think what makes me most effective is, I really care. I would love my legacy to be that, you know, I was a fighter in a courtroom. I mean, cause that’s who I am. That’s who I’ve always been and that’s who I’ve always wanted to be. You know, if you hire Ken Rothweiler you’re going to get somebody that, number one, believed in your case and would do everything to win your case, would fight your case as hard as anybody could possibly fight it.