Meet Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney Fred Eisenberg

Most people who come to see a personal injury lawyer are at a crossroads in life due to a serious injury or have lost a loved in a car or truck accident. In this video, Pennsylvania personal injury attorney Fred Eisenberg explains how he tries to ease a person’s fears of meeting with an attorney by first and foremost being a good listener. When a client feels comfortable knowing that the lawyer is on their side, they can really start to have a great relationship that will positively affect the outcome of the case.

Video Transcription:

I think what I see when a client comes into our office is someone who is very uncomfortable with a setting. What I do immediately is try and make them comfortable as possible. If our clients are nervous in telling us what happened, we don’t get accurate facts. So, my first challenge as a lawyer is to take the temperature down and make sure that they understand we’re on their team. The way I deal with the emotion and the impact is to become a good listener to my clients and to try and listen to their story so I can then tell that story to a jury. It is a relationship that doesn’t end once there’s an award by a jury or a settlement. We continue to help them with their financial decisions, not to make them but to put them in touch with the right people. We get tremendous results. But I think more important than our results is that we have clients for life and we make a difference in their lives.