Do Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Hurt Doctors?

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Investigate Possible Medical Mistakes and Surgical Errors

Some people who suspect they were hurt by a medical mistake or surgical error may be worried a medical malpractice lawsuit may harm a doctor or medical professional. However, medical negligence cases are not taken lightly, and such claims can only be pursued if other doctors and medical experts in the same specialty agree a preventable mistake occurred. In this video, attorney Nancy Winkler explains why it is important for people who suffer catastrophic injury from medical mistakes to find answers and learn the truth about what happened to them.

Video Transcription:

There are a lot of great doctors out there and I have family members that are doctors, and they do their job and they do it well, but just like lawyers, there are some doctors that don’t do it well, and if a family comes to see me, they’re little uneasy, they don’t want to sue their doctor, they don’t want to bring a lawsuit, because this has been, you know the person that they look to for advice for years on end. But when they’ve suffered a catastrophic injury and they want to find answers, they want to find answers about whether that doctor did something wrong that caused them or their family member to be in the condition they are and now, that’s what we do for them and if we find that there was medical negligence that has caused this catastrophic harm, then most families want to pursue a case against that medical provider, because they shouldn’t be doing that. For more information about myself and our law firm please go to