How Do Lawyers Handle Birth Injury and Medical Malpractice Cases?

Our law firm focuses on assisting people who have been harmed by medical negligence, which can include mistakes during labor and delivery. One of the many difficulties in cases involving birth injury and medical malpractice is that parents may not realize a medical error has caused injury to their child, and they may not know that such injury was preventable. Our Philadelphia law firm investigates cases of possible medical malpractice and birth injury to uncover the truth about what happened to your family to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Video Transcription:

I’m one of the partners here at the law firm, I’ve been handling medical malpractice cases now for 25 years; it’s really the bread and butter of what our law firm does and I’ve handled hundreds and hundreds of malpractice cases of all different types for all different types of people. One of the types of cases that I handle and I specialize in our obstetric medical malpractice cases. Where during the labor and delivery process, a baby is injured and has brain damage that is noticed shortly after delivery or maybe within a few months of the delivery. When that happens, clients come to see us, say something may have happened either during the delivery or maybe during the prenatal period just before delivery but we don’t know, again like we discussed, patients when they come to see us, clients when they come to see us, they don’t have answers they just have questions and they have horrible, horrible injuries so what they asked us to do is find out what happened. It’s really that simple, so we get the medical records, we talk to the appropriate physicians and we put the story together, we put the pieces of the puzzle together, to find out what happened and whether or not the standard of care was breached and that was the cause of the injury, if that’s the case then we move forward with the case. For more information about our firm go to and check out our website.