How Does Your Law Firm Treat Personal Injury Clients?

It is extremely important for a lawyer to keep their clients informed of the case, return telephone calls promptly and intricately understand their living situations. At our Philadelphia personal injury law firm, we are litigators who do not settle a case for a low-ball offer. We prepare each case for trial to let the other side know we are serious. An essential part of this preparation is to truly understand our clients’ situations and daily lives, particularly those who may have suffered a spinal cord injury or brain injury. This means being extremely responsive to our clients’ needs, from the moment they meet with us to after the case has been concluded.

Video Transcription:

It’s extremely important for a lawyer to get to know their client. Because remember, in a courtroom you have to articulate to a jury what your client has gone through, the only way that you can do that is to truly have a real-life experience with them, knowing what they go through on a daily basis. So what I do is I go out to their house, I basically spend a day with them and I basically just watch them talk, to them, see what their average day is like and then I can talk to a jury about that, when I’m before that jury, talk about what it’s like, how hard it is for them to get out of bed, how hard it is for them to brush their teeth, how hard it is to take a spoon and put it in a bowl and put food in their mouths. You can only do that if you spend time with the client and you truly understand it. Lawyers that don’t do that and just think they know what a client goes through, is doing that client a disservice, you have to live it with them and I do that in every one of my cases. And especially you know with the TV work that I do, when people call, they want to hear from me, they don’t want to hear from somebody else, and I’m real sensitive to that, if somebody calls and I get a message from the reception desk that someone’s calling because they might have seen me on TV, I make sure that I call back and make sure I call back quickly. And they’re impressed with that because they think lawyers are very busy which we are, but if you call somebody back quickly, what you’re telling them is, they’re the most important thing at that point and that’s what they want. For more information go to