How Our Law Firm Experience and Insight Benefits Our Clients

As firm partners Daniel Jeck and Ken Rothweiler explain in this video, our lawyers and staff are relentless in their pursuit to discover what truly caused a client’s catastrophic injury or wrongful death. In addition, we constantly collaborate to ensure that every one of our clients’ cases benefit from our law firm experience and collective wisdom of our entire team.

Video Transcription:

We will go as far we can possibly go to find answers. If you dig and dig and dig and dig, you’ll find things. And that’s what we do. That’s what I enjoy doing. And that’s what I think I’m pretty good at. And what we do is we sit around and we talk about every single case at length, so we get the collective wisdom of the group. So it’s not just me and my experience. It’s all of my partners experience as well. And a lot of times some pretty good ideas come out of those discussions. I’ve been doing this now for almost 25 years. I’ve got access to experts from the best schools, from the best hospitals. I’ve been half way across the world to meet with the people that I have access to. I can put these cases together and I do it all the time. No matter how experienced you are. No matter how many cases you’ve handled. Each one is different and each one has an aspect that you have to learn and put the time and the effort into so that you can be successful.