Why It Is Important to Hold the Health Care System Accountable for Malpractice

As attorney Ken Rothweiler explains in this video, the health care system in our country does not always treat the less fortunate fairly. Ken discusses a case he handled involving a woman who went to the emergency room multiple times with severe headaches. She was sent home after cursory exams and without undergoing a CAT scan each time. Ken was able to determine that she was not given diagnostic tests, because she was on welfare. The headaches eventually resulted in the woman suffering an accident that led to her becoming a paraplegic, brain damaged and blind. No one should be made to suffer like this because of their financial status. In many instances, the best way to hold hospitals and doctors accountable for this kind of negligence is through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Video Transcription:

I represented a woman about three or four years ago who went to the emergency room with severe headaches. And they did a very cursory exam of her and sent her home. They didn’t do any diagnostic tests, they didn’t do any CAT scans or anything like that. Her headaches got worse. She went back to the hospital. They gave her short shrift. They didn’t do the things they needed to do. They didn’t give her a CAT scan and sent her home. When the third time she has those headaches at home, she fell down the stairs. She became paraplegic. She became brain damaged and blind. When I first took over that case, I realized that the reason she didn’t get a CAT scan is because she was a welfare mom. And it said to me that the health care system is different to different people. I’m a lawyer, my wife’s a dentist. They would never treat me that way. But they treated her that way. It made me mad. And it made me mad because people, when they go for health care, should all be treated the same way.