Why Injury Victims Need a Law Firm That Will Fight for Them

Injury victims need a law firm that will uncover the truth about how the car accident or medical malpractice case occurred to hold the responsible party accountable. This video features firm partners Nancy Winkler, Fred Eisenberg, Ken Rothweiler and Daniel Jeck explaining what drives our attorneys to relentlessly fight for clients’ rights. For us, it is about uncovering the truth about how the negligence of someone else or a corporation resulted in our client suffering a catastrophic injury or the loss of a loved one. In addition, we go the extra mile to find the evidence necessary to prove negligence and maximize or clients’ recovery.

Video Transcription:

I think what separates us, it’s the determination and that drive to get to the truth and get answers. We want to figure out the best way to get our case presented so that we can maximize the recovery for our clients and to make them as whole as possible and get their lives back. Because we truly believe that they were injured and they were unjustly injured and they need the right lawyer to express that to a jury so that they can be successful in a court room. My job is to put their feet to the fire and hold them responsible for what happened to her. And by finding, by going the extra length, by going the extra mile, finding these things that nobody else would find. There are a couple of things that drive me. One is holding people and corporations accountable for misconduct. That drives me. If somebody has a catastrophic injury, they need somebody that’s willing to fight for them.