How Do I Know if My Medical Provider Committed Medical Malpractice?

Attorney Nancy Winkler has over 30 years of experience dealing with many a sorts of cases and clients. When it comes to a possible medical malpractice case one might want to bring a claim or file a lawsuit against a physician or a medical provider if they caused harm to their loved one, but they don’t know how. Nancy Winkler says her best advice is to call a lawyer to try and get answers. A lawyer can help you analyze all of the facts in the case, never a waste of time, they can hear your story, they can review your medical records. Watch to find out more about Winkler’s experience and the answers she can get for you when it comes to your case.

Video Transcription:

You know, I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and I have many families that call me and just don’t know where to go because they don’t know if there was something that went wrong in their loved one’s surgery or their care. And they really just, they want an answer, they want to bring a claim and they want to file a lawsuit against the physician or a medical provider if they caused the harm to their loved one. But they don’t know, and you know my best advice is call a lawyer to try and get the answers. That’s what we think that we do best, we try and analyze all of the facts in the case when we meet with the family and I always tell them it’s never a waste of time, because you know I can hear your story about what you believe happened, we can review medical records. I’ve been doing this and my firm has been doing this for a long enough time that we might recognize something that you don’t and the only way that you can get the answers, and I like to think of us as providing that resource providing answers for a family so they get closure one way or the other. To know, hey yes there is a medical negligence claim or no the doctors really did everything right and it’s just a bad event, a bad outcome, which sometimes does happen. But that’s why you need somebody to review it, and you know a lawyer will be able to employ medical experts also with the expertise in the area to be able to figure it out. For more information about myself and our law firm please go to