How Do I Know If My Accident Was Caused by a Defective Seat Belt?

When deciding the best route to take after a car accident, it never hurts to contact a lawyer. Attorney Kenneth Rothweiler has been working on car accident cases for years and knows how to do the research on whether you have experienced a freak accident or an actual defect in the car. In one case involving a 23-year-old man whose car flipped over causing serious permanent injuries, he was able to employ the help of experts to determine that a well known defective seat belt was the cause of the man’s injuries. A lawyer knows products liability law, they know what to research, and know what defects are out there in automobiles. To consult with an attorney call (866) 569-3400.

Video Transcription:

You don’t know in the beginning whether it’s a freak accident or whether it’s a defect in the car. One of the cases I’m handling right now is of a 23-year-old young man who was a first responder, his car went off the road and it actually flipped over, the manufacturer of the car knew that that seat belt was defective and didn’t do anything to replace the seat belt, and the reason they didn’t do anything, replaced the seat belt, is because there were 14 million other cars on the road with that type of seat belt. So you have to have experts take a look at the car, we have the best experts in the world and when our experts looked at that car they looked at the seat belt and this is a well known defective seat belt, it’s called a Gen 3 seat belt. It’s a seat belt where the actual button to the seat belt is raised which means you can hit it with your elbow during an accident. That seat belt should be depressed, so when we found that it was a Gen 3 seat belt we sued the manufacturer. I think anybody that’s seriously injured should call a lawyer because people don’t know what the law is, they don’t know products liability law, they don’t really know anything about the law. That’s what lawyers know, that’s what lawyers do, we research things, we know what what defects are out there in automobiles and all kinds of different devices. So my advice to anybody who is seriously injured is to call a lawyer, it doesn’t cost anything. The lawyer will sit, talk to you, find out about the circumstances around your accident and then research it to see whether there’s anything that can be done from a legal standpoint. For more information about myself and our law firm please go to