Are Hospital Infections Caused by Medical Malpractice?

In some cases, hospital infections caused by medical malpractice can occur to innocent patients. When this occurs, an infection that is not recognized and treated right away can cause serious personal injury and even death. In this video, medical malpractice attorney Nancy Winkler explains how some, but not all cases of hospital infections, are caused by negligence. A person who suffered an infection at a hospital that caused a catastrophic injury should have the medical records examined by qualified attorneys and objective medical experts.

Video Transcription:

Oftentimes patients get infections in hospitals; because you have an infection in a hospital doesn’t mean that there’s a medical malpractice claim that you have. You know in our practice, we see a lot of folks that come in to us and they say you know I’ve developed an infection, they put a PICC line in, they treated me for the infection and it resolved. That in and of itself doesn’t mean that there was any kind of medical neglect. And for us to take on a medical malpractice case the injuries have to be quite severe. The medical neglect usually comes in with regard to an infection case, where the infection is not picked up on right away or as quickly as it should be and then. You know just like the woman that I represented that had an epidural abscess, that wasn’t an infection she picked up in the hospital but because there was a delay in picking up on the infection, that would have been easy to see if they had just done an MRI. She became paralyzed. So if an infection is not picked up on quickly enough, there are many, many things that could happen and a most of them are catastrophic. For more information about myself and our law firm, please go to