What is Your Experience in Emergency Room Cases?

Kenneth Rothweiler has a lot of experience when it comes to emergency room cases. He’s seen cases where physicians don’t take the time to properly treat their patients because of the high volume of people. If you have a life threatening situation this can become a huge problem. Watch this video as attorney Kenneth Rothweiler explains his experience dealing with negligent cases and how when a doctor makes a mistake it can end up devastating for you.

Video Transcription:

I handle a lot of emergency room cases, and those cases really center around the fact that there was insufficient examination or insignificant questioning of somebody when they come into the emergency room. For someone to come into the emergency room is a pretty big deal, you’re sitting at home something’s going wrong you say to yourself this is life-threatening I have to get to the emergency room and a lot of times I find that emergency room physicians just don’t take the time because of the volume of people that they see in the emergency room. And when they don’t take the time devastation can occur, and I’ve handled lots of those cases and the issues are always the same. You just didn’t take the time, you didn’t do the proper tests, negligence is when someone doesn’t do something that they should do. It’s not because they’re doing something purposeful or trying to hurt somebody. That’s true with all doctors. I’ve never sued any doctor in my entire career that I thought was trying to do the wrong thing, they’re always trying to do the right thing, but like any of us sometimes they make mistakes. If we leave today and I get in my car and I’m thinking about this interview and I go through a red light and I hurt somebody I didn’t mean to do it but it was negligent, and I’d have to pay that for that mistake. The same is true with emergency room physicians, or any type of physician. When they make a mistake, they didn’t mean to do it but they’re gonna have to pay the price. For more information go to ERLegal.com.