What are Examples of Seatbelt Failure During a Car Accident?

In the case of seatbelt failure during a car accident, people can suffer serious injuries from what might have otherwise only been a minor wreck. In this video, car defect lawyer Stewart Eisenberg explains some of the ways seatbelt failure during a car accident can cause catastrophic consequences to people involved in such situations.

Video Transcription:

Well, the seatbelt is put in a car so that in an accident you are restrained and remain in your seat. A seatbelt case can involve someone who is either thrown out of their car because their seatbelt unlatches when it shouldn’t, or a seatbelt doesn’t hold them in for whatever reason, there’s too much slack in the seatbelt. Slack meaning when the belt spools out and there’s too much room in a seatbelt and it allows them to move in the car where they shouldn’t be moving, thrown out of the car when they shouldn’t be thrown out, or in one case that we had, we represented a client whose head hit the roof when it shouldn’t have hit the roof in a car crash and they became paralyzed. So bad things can happen to people when their seatbelt doesn’t work. For more information go to ERLegal.com.