What are Examples of Premises Liability Cases?

When a person is seriously injured on a construction site or a business, the owner of the property may be responsible. In this video, attorney Daniel Jeck reviews some examples of premises liability cases he’s seen and handled over the years. Whether you are a construction worker injured by defective equipment on a site, or a person seriously harmed while shopping at a retail store, you may have a claim for medical bills, lost wages and more. Watch this video to understand a property owner’s duty to others on the premises.

Video Transcription:

One of the types of cases that our firm handles is premises liability cases. That’s a category that covers many types of injuries and many types of situations. If you are at a construction yard working on heavy-duty equipment and you are injured because the equipment fails or because a co-employee or somebody else injures you that may be a premises liability case. If you are walking through a Kmart or a Walmart or a Home Depot and a shelf falls on your head, that would be a premises liability case. Any time where an accident happens at a location and if the people that manage location or supervise the location or own the location, it’s their responsibility to make that location safe, that would be premises liability case. So, we look again to see whether or not they met the reasonable standards to make their premises safe. If not, and that was a cause of the accident, then you may have a lawsuit. For more information about our firm, go to ERlegal.com and check out our website.