Do You Handle Birth Injury Claims and Injuries to Children?

Birth injuries and other child injuries pose extreme difficulties and emotional challenges for everyone in the family. In this video, Kenneth Rothweiler explains his extensive experience as a birth injury attorney representing parents and children harmed during labor and delivery or other medical mistakes. When a child is born, there are many procedures that, if not performed according to the proper standard of care, can cause long-lasting effects and permanent injuries to a newborn.

Video Transcription:

Unfortunately, I do represent a lot of children and have represented a lot of children over the course of my career. In most of the cases where I’ve represented children, I’ve represented births injuries, where there’s a birth injury. And a lot of time birth injuries occur because the baby’s not delivered in a timely fashion, and when that occurs, there’s what’s called hypoxia, which is lack of oxygen to the brain which causes brain damage.

I just tried a case about a year ago in New Jersey, that we settled for a very significant sum of money, where the nurses basically weren’t paying attention to the mother and to the fetal monitoring strips, which showed that there was a lack of oxygen with regard to the fetus, and as a result of that, when they delivered the baby, the baby was profoundly hypoxic, lack of oxygen to the brain and that baby now is profoundly brain damaged and is going to be in that state for the rest of her life. For more information go to