Do I Always Get Workers Comp When Injured on The Job?

After an on-the-job accident, employees may have to file a claim against their company’s workers comp insurance. When injured on the job, workers comp can provide partial lost wages and pay for medical benefits. However, not all employers carry workers’ compensation, and an injured person may have additional options and avenues for recovery beyond such benefits. This is why it is so important to discuss your workplace accident with an experienced lawyer before filing a claim. In this video, personal injury attorney Daniel Jeck discusses workers comp and what people should do after an accident.

Video Transcription:

We represent a variety of people that have been injured on the work site, and in Pennsylvania and in many other states, there is something called workers’ compensation law. Which means that if you’ve been injured by the misconduct of your employer or by the misconduct of a co-employee, and there is workers’ compensation insurance, then you will be able to recover against the employer or against the co-employee, only limited to that workers’ compensation schedule. However, there are many employers in Pennsylvania and in New Jersey and other states that don’t carry workers’ compensation insurance, so if you are injured at work and there is no workers’ compensation insurance, you may have a direct claim that you can proceed against the employer. In addition, for people that have been injured at work, there may be third parties that are responsible as well. For more information about our firm go to, and check out our website.