What is Crashworthiness in a Car Accident Case?

Crashworthiness refers to an automobile’s ability to keep a driver and passenger safe in the aftermath of an accident. Car manufacturers have a duty to keep people safe inside their vehicles, even in the event of a crash that is another driver’s fault. In this video, car defect attorney Daniel Jeck explains what crashworthiness means and offers some examples that would make a car manufacturer liable after an auto accident.

Video Transcription:

One of the types of cases we handle here at our firm are what’s called crashworthiness cases. Or sometimes there are certain types of automobile defect cases, where crashworthiness cases whether it’s been a, most of the time where there’s been a horrible auto accident, and where some part of a system, a safety system in a car that could prevent tragic injuries from occurring during that accident fails. So, if there’s an accident where someone loses control of their car, they spin off the roadway and they hit an object and the airbag doesn’t go off. When the airbag should have gone off, and a client dies in the accident, we bring what’s called a crashworthiness case against the manufacturers of the air bag. The manufacturer of the automobile, taking a look at that system, why did that safety system fail? We argue that had that safety system not failed, then even though there was an accident that the driver would have lived or the passenger would have lived. That’s a crashworthiness case.

So, we’ve handled many airbag cases in this firm. We handle many, many handling and stability cases where during an accident a car flips, where it should not necessarily flip had it had appropriate handling and stability. We’ve handled cases against tire manufacturers where tires de-tread or come apart during an accident or just doing regular use and cause an accident where they shouldn’t have happened. We handle many cases against seat belt manufacturers and auto manufacturers, where seatbelts fail. Where they actually come undone during an accident when they should maintain their integrity. Or where they slack out too much and cause someone to hit their head during an accident. Those are typical crashworthiness cases. For more information about our firm, go to ERLegal.com and check out our website.