Can a Person Get Workers Comp After a Forklift Accident?

All cases where a construction worker or contractor has been injured should be reviewed by an experienced attorney. Workers comp may be available, but there may be additional avenues of relief that the worker would never know existed without having an attorney review the situation. A person may be able to receive workers comp after a forklift accident, but there may be additional parties responsible, as well. In this video, construction accident lawyer Daniel Jeck explains that he is currently investigating a case where a worker was tragically killed in a forklift accident.

Video Transcription:

I am handling a case right now on a worksite where a forklift truck, which was carrying a trailer, caused the trailer to slip off the forks and land on my client and killing him instantly. At this point, we’re just investigating this case and we’re going to see whether or not there was a defect in the way that the forklift truck was manufactured, whether the way the forks worked on the forklift truck that caused this injury. Normally, you would think that workers’ compensation insurance would cover this claim, but not necessarily. Again, there may be third parties – the manufacturer of the forklift truck, somebody that’s not related to the employer, that were responsible for this accident. So, what we do is we investigate the accident, we get the records, we talk to officials that have investigated the accident, we find the facts. We talk to experts and we see whether or not there are other parties besides the employer or co-employee that could be held responsible. For more information about our firm go to and check out our website.