What Should a Biker Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

What should a biker do after a motorcycle accident? After a wreck with a car, a biker or passenger should never speak to the car driver’s insurance company without their own attorney at their side. This is because injured bikers are on very unequal bargaining grounds with an insurance company and their team of investigators, agents and attorneys. In this video, motorcycle accident lawyer Fred Eisenberg explains how his experience and the resources at his law firm can level this playing field to ensure that bikers have someone protecting their interests after a wreck.

Video Transcription:

Oftentimes when motorcycle drivers are involved in an accident, the striking vehicle will reach out to the motorcycle driver to try and settle their claim. It is very, very important that motorcycle drivers reach out to attorneys before they ever engage in any settlement discussions with an insurance company. And that is because the insurance company is in a superior position in negotiating settlements, and the motorcycle driver may well not understand their rights under the law. I think it’s very important if you’re in a motorcycle accident to reach out to an attorney like me, reach out to someone who has years and years of experience. If you don’t remember what happened in the accident, we can recreate the accident based on the physical evidence at the scene and find out who was responsible for the accident and provide you with answers. For more information or to speak to an attorney, go to ERLegal.com.