Videos on Auto Defects

Auto manufacturers have a duty to consumers to build and sell cars that are safe and crashworthy in the event of an accident. However, defects in the design or manufacture of cars or auto parts can result in vehicles that are very dangerous for drivers, passengers and everyone on the road. Some defects make the car unsafe for travel in general, such as problems with an ignition switch, while other defects contribute to the harm in the event of an unavoidable accident, such as faulty seatbelts or airbags.

While a vehicle recall may occur in these situations, a recall does nothing to help past victims. Further, a person who was involved in an accident due to an auto defect might not realize there was a problem with the vehicle. Our car defect attorneys have the experience to investigate and pursue complex claims against auto manufacturers. Watch these videos on auto defects and contact our office if you believe a defective motor vehicle caused or contributed to an accident.