Two recent car accidents with child victims, no criminal charges

We have all been there. We’ve been driving on a beautiful day and begin driving cautiously when we see that there are children nearby who are vulnerable to the dangers of the road.

Based on two recent Pennsylvania car accident cases, however, it’s evident that not even extreme caution can always prevent tragedy. According to news reports, not just one, but two accidents have occurred in the same area of Downingtown in the course of about one month.

On April 12, a 2-year-old boy was hit by a U.S. Postal Service delivery truck and sadly didn’t survive his injuries. Whereas it is natural to want to hold someone legally accountable for such a devastating loss, officials concluded that in this case, the mail truck driver did nothing criminally wrong. No criminal charges will be filed.

On May 13, another 2-year-old was injured in a car accident. Fortunately, this second young victim survived the car accident. Again, the District Attorney’s Office’s investigation of the second crash supposedly proved that the driver in this case didn’t deserve to face criminal charges.

Whether the families involved in either of the incidents object to the state’s decisions regarding criminal charges is undisclosed. It is also unknown whether they intend to file personal injury or wrongful death charges against the drivers.

When it comes to the two accidents and the message they send, what is clear is that one cannot be too careful when behind the wheel of a car and driving around kids. Drivers need to slow down, and kids’ guardians need to vigilantly work to keep kids off of a busy street.


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