Twin Tragedy: Pennsylvania Truck Accident Kills Siblings

Most of us have probably been cruising around with a friend or family member, entrenched in conversation, completely not expecting that it could be our last moments alive. The scary reality is that there are numerous dangers on the roads that threaten our lives every day. Most of us are just fortunate enough not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For a set of twins who were travelling through Pennsylvania last week, their ride together was their last because it ended in a fatal car accident. On Thursday afternoon, the 40-year-old brother and sister were near Interstate 84 when devastation occurred. A dump truck driver reportedly lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the duo’s car.

According to reports, the dump truck driver, 33, attempted to take a curve too quickly. His truck was sent up an embankment, caught air, crashed into the roof of the victims’ car and ultimately killed them both on the spot. The dump truck driver survived the crash, but the extent of any injuries he sustained is not disclosed.

Pennsylvania officials continue to investigate the crash. Our source does not report whether the accident victims, both from New York, leave behind family. If an investigation into the truck accident suggests that the driver’s negligence resulted in the siblings’ deaths, their surviving family could decide to try to seek damages via wrongful death lawsuits against the driver.

A legal win is never a guarantee; nor does it bring back a loved one. It can be an important step toward holding someone responsible for their allegedly careless behavior and serve as a warning to others that negligence on the roads is unacceptable.


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