Takata Air Bags Prompt Massive Toyota Recall

On Thursday, Toyota announced a recall due to the presence of defective Takata air bags. Almost three million cars are covered in the recall, with over one million cars sold in the regions of Oceania and the Middle East; about 750,000 cars in Japan; about 650,000 cars in China; and around 350,000 cars in Europe. This includes the following models: Auris, RAV4, Corolla Axio, and several others. Considered one of the largest recalls in US history, the dangerously defective Takata air bags are connected with over 10 fatalities, and nearly 100 personal injuries. The chemical contained in the air bags, ammonium nitrate, which inflates the bags, is extremely volatile and can misfire, especially in humid conditions. When deployed, chemicals and shrapnel shoot out at drivers and passengers, causing personal injuries, and, in some cases, fatalities.

Back in February, the Japanese auto manufacturer Takata pled guilty to wire fraud, and must pay nearly $1 billion for falsifying testing data and reports, and reimburse any injured individual. They also must improve the legal and ethical standards in their compliance program, and employ an independent monitor to issue reports to the DOJ regarding their adherence to the newly implemented standards.

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