The Dangers Posed by Drowsy Drivers

No one ever plans on being in a car accident. Most Philadelphia drivers have a great deal of confidence in not only their driving skills but also their abilities to avoid accidents. Yet what few seem to realize is that one’s skills and attentiveness on the road have no bearing on the behavior of others behind the wheel. One might automatically assume that the other drivers on the road around him or her are equally as focused on staying safe. Yet surprisingly, some of the more prevalent causes of car accidents have little to do with how much attention one pays while on the road.

According to the 2013 Gallup poll, 40 percent of Americans get less than the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Given that high number of people driving on America’s roadways, it’s safe to assume that many of those drivers fall into that group classified as sleep deprived. Auto accident statistics seem to support that assumption.

Car accident data collected by the National Sleep Foundation and displayed on website shows that 37 percent of adult drivers have admitted to having fallen asleep behind the wheel. Such levels of drowsiness have led to what the National Highway Traffic Safety believes to be over 100,000 accidents annually. The frightening thing about these statistics is that most of who drive drowsy wouldn’t classify themselves as a distracted driver.

No one believes that they will ever fall asleep behind the wheel until it actually happens to them. While one should be mindful of his or her decision to drive while drowsy, he or she should also remember that many of the other drivers he or she will be sharing the road with don’t keep the same precautions in mind.

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