The Danger of Turn Signal Neglect

A motorist forgetting to use his or her turn signal can be one of the forgotten dangers of the road. According to a study recently performed by the Society of Automotive Engineers, drivers either forget to turn off their turn signals or never turn them on at all 48 percent of the time. This problem accounts for over 2 million road accidents per year in the United States. This number is double the number of car accidents caused by distracted drivers. Police put little effort into enforcing regulations concerning turn signals, concentrating instead on more high profile traffic violations such as speeding or running through stop signs or red lights.

However, a solution has been proposed for this problem. A “smart turn signal” system has been proposed, which automatically shuts off turn signals by shutting off after a certain time period or detecting the moment that a vehicle changes lanes.

Safety precautions that motorists can take to avoid an accident due to turn signal neglect revolve around simply keeping their eyes open for the movement of cars ahead of them. If a car does turn into their lane without using its turn signal, motorists are advised not to get in the vehicle’s way, braking if necessary, and to keep an appropriate distance away. Vigilance is the solution to accidents due to turn signal neglect.

A person injured due to the negligence of another motorist may be entitled to recover medical expenses, lost wages and even pain and suffering in some cases. These accidents are difficult on the injured person and their loved ones and should not be faced alone. For more information, contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

Source:, “Turn Signal Neglect A Real Danger, Study Shows”, Paul A. Eisenstein.

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