Teen driver law aims to increase Pennsylvania road safety

Teen drivers have a higher instance of being involved in car accidents than other demographics. U.S. roads are one area where youth and inexperience are definitely not on their side. One incident in Pennsylvania has led to “Lacey’s Law,” which places extra restrictions on new teen drivers. The car accident that inspired this legislation involved a teen driver and six other passengers in an SUV. Sadly, Lacey died, and all the other teens were injured in the Philadelphia crash.

Lacey’s Law aims to reduce car accidents by offering both extra training such as more supervised driving time, specific experience driving in bad weather and at night, as well as greater restrictions on the number of teen passengers allowed in a new teen driver’s vehicle.

While the heart of the new law is certainly in the right place, there is no doubt that many will find ways to get around it or just ignore it, causing further car accidents. Not all crashes will be as devastating as the accident that led to the law in the first place. But shortcuts attempted by teens and their parents increase the likelihood that other families will have to live with the loss of a loved one to unsafe teen driving.

We can try to stay a little more attentive near high schools, malls and other places where teens gather, but even that will not eliminate these car crashes. If you are injured in a car accident caused by a teen driver, contacting a personal injury attorney promptly can help determine whether the teen and their parents took the necessary precautions to prevent such an outcome.


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