Tanning Beds May Be Considered Dangerous Products

When Pennsylvania residents say goodbye to the summer, they may hope to continue their sun-kissed look with the use of indoor tanning beds. However, according to recent research not only are tanning beds less safe than being out in the sun, the dangerous equipment can actually lead to deadly cancer.

Many of these people may assume that it is safer to submit themselves to the ultraviolet rays of a tanning bed, rather than expose their skin to the sun’s harmful rays. However, the radiation emitted from tanning beds is actually stronger than the UV rays that naturally come to the earth from the sun.

In fact, a report issued by the CDC this past May indicates that indoor tanning devices emit long-wave UVA rays at a rate of four times higher than the sun and have a UVB output that is two times higher than the sun at midday.

Interestingly, one of the major manufacturers of products for tanning beds is actually a medical equipment manufacturer. This company and others have recently discontinued manufacturing these products because of this new research pointing the dangerous effects that tanning beds have on consumers.

In the United States, consumers may have been relying, in part, on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s classification as safe to use, even though most other health groups see tanning machines as a product posing a danger similar to other carcinogens such as radon and plutonium.

For now the FDA is in the process of reviewing its classification of tanning beds. Hopefully, in the interest of the public’s health the FDA will regulate the tanning bed industry in order to protect people from the harmful consequences of using a tanning bed.

If someone has contracted skin cancer that has led to a wrongful death in your family, there may be legal options available. Even though tanning beds may be considered “safe” by federal agencies, specific manufacturers may not have provided sufficient safety warnings. If a tanning bed does not fully inform consumers of the risks of skin cancer, there may be legal recourse available. Since product liability laws can be rather complex, it may be best to pursue trustworthy advice in order to gain a full understanding of how personal injury laws apply to your situation.

Source: Bloomberg, “Teens Dying From Sunbed Tanning curb $5 Billion Industry,” Jason Gale, Dec. 2, 2012

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