Tainted yogurt made consumers sick

Imagine consuming a packaged food item that you had just bought from your local grocery store in Philadelphia and then feeling ill not long afterwards. You check the expiration date on the package and see that it is still good. It is probably just a coincidence that you got sick after eating it then, right? For a number of people who consumed a popular brand of Greek yogurt, it was no coincidence that they became ill after eating it.

These people complained to Chobani, the makers of the yogurt, that the yogurt had made them sick. Others said that they noticed the yogurt containers were swollen and the yogurt inside did not smell right. It took the company one week to issue a voluntary recall on the products after they performed tests on the yogurt and found that it contained mold.

Chobani pointed to a statement made by a Cornell University food science professor who said that the mold would not make most people sick because it is not considered to cause disease, and it is quite often used in producing natural flavor compounds for other foods. He did admit that it could make people with a compromised immune system sick if they inhaled the pathogen.

At least one food safety scientist said that the mold organism definitely should not have been found in the yogurt because it has no part in the process employed to make yogurt.

If you were adversely affected by this tainted yogurt, you may wish to speak with a lawyer about the possibility of a product liability lawsuit and to discuss your right to compensation.

Source: NBC News, “Chobani identifies mold in yogurt, says it’s not a risk to most,” JoNel Aleccia, Sep. 6, 2013

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