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Is Uber Doing Enough to Protect Passengers from Sexual Assault?

Uber has shot to popularity over the past few years as an alternative to driving, using public transportation or taking a cab. However, a recent Penn Live report may bring the rideshare company’s rise to a sudden stop. According to the story, Uber may have a problem with drivers sexually assaulting passengers. In November, an Uber sexual assault reportedly took place outside of Pittsburgh in Ross Township. Per the report,…
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Is Pennsylvania Allowing Uber to Test Self-Driving Cars Without Rules?

A report in the Tribune-Review revealed that Uber is attempting to convince PennDOT to delay recent policy recommendations regarding testing self-driving cars in Pennsylvania. Why Does Uber Want Pennsylvania to Delay Recommended Rules for Self-Driving Cars? Reportedly, Uber is testing out self-driving cars in Pittsburgh as the company seeks to add driverless automobiles to its fleet of vehicles. This comes at a time when PennDOT’s Pennsylvania Autonomous Vehicles Task Force…
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